Signal Monitor

Orbit Technology’s Signal Monitor product is a “lite” version of the Virtual Factory® product suite. Machine or work cell signals are collected, but no production count or scrap count information is collected. Signals from various devices can be logically mapped to device “states.” For example, a blinking yellow light signal can be defined to mean that the work cell is in the state: “Need Material.” The Signal Monitor product is perfect for applications where you want to track how long a machine or work cell is in a particular state. Since all state change data is logged, historical downtime or response time trends can be analyzed and reported.

Consequently, you can see at a glance where you need to focus your continuous improvement attention.

Signal Monitor standard features include:

User-defined Event definition, subscription and notification
Web-based Status Panels (Andons)
Numerous Standard Reports
SDK for third party application interface to Virtual Factory server

Signal Monitor can communicate with factory machines using either its OPC client for a variety of common devices or directly using an Adam 6050 digital I/O device.

Signal Monitor Example Status Panel showing work cell status and duration of status

We have a version of the Signal Monitor application running here for you to try out:

Link to demo system

Additional Documents

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