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CAL, the Bending Calculator, improves bending on the shop floor. CAL brings the latest research on bending accuracy to an easy-to-use device. CAL is for the shop floor, not the office. CAL requires no special skills to use. Touch the screen. Enter your part’s profile, size, and material. CAL computes accurate depth and backgauge values. Have a drawing that does not fit the blank in your hand? No problem! CAL allows you to specify the critical dimensions, and pushes errors out where they are not important. Use your tools and your press brake. CAL will help you bend parts with greater accuracy and less scrap.

Virtual Factory

Our most comprehensive industrial software solution to date, Virtual Factory® gives manufacturing and distribution professionals a powerful tool for the real-time monitoring and historical analysis of the activities of their machines, devices, and personnel. Virtual Factory® can interface with a wide range of factory machinery and devices, and will monitor production quantities, scrap counts and scrap details, and machine status. Production efficiencies can be displayed on large screen Andon boards. Browser-based status panels (Andon), performance data reporting, user notification, and Web-enabled data access all come standard with Virtual Factory®

Signal Monitor

Signal Monitor adds a powerful new dimension to traditional visual and audio signaling systems. By connecting Signal Monitor to manually-operated or automatically activated light towers and chimes via any third-party digital I/O device, the software will log the exact dates/times that any given set of signals is fired. Users can analyze signal history corresponding to down times and response times to aid in improving efficiency and quality. Signal Monitor can also be instructed to automatically notify users via phone, pager, or e-mail when the status of key signals changes.

Virtual Factory® for OEM

OEMs, such as machine tool companies, can embed Virtual Factory® client application software into their products. Key data (e.g. machine state, tooling status, job identification and progress) can be monitored and logged to the Virtual Factory® server, so OEM customers can display user-friendly and meaningful performance summary reports and charts from anywhere on the internet. OEM customers can monitor consumables for preventive maintenance purposes, and OEMs can perform remote diagnostics.

Systems Integration Consulting Services

Orbit Technology has been designing cutting edge systems integration solutions for 15 years in the discrete manufacturing arena. Our system designers and software engineers are current with the latest technology relevant to manufacturing process monitoring and enterprise software integration. Our systems engineers have extensive experience consulting with customers to understand their requirements and to inform them of what is possible with today’s technology. Consequently we are proficient in designing solutions which help solve the customers’ problems and optimize their enterprise’s production operations.

Orbit Technology prides itself on being a leader not only in understanding the latest technology, but in transferring the new and existing technology into useful products. For example, many of Amada’s cutting edge manufacturing software products, from sheet metal CAD/CAM software to its factory monitoring solutions are strongly influenced by Orbit Technology’s system integration consulting and programming services.

Orbit Technology’s expertise includes factory monitoring server and client software for web-based and smart phone applications; manufacturing hardware (machine controls, PLC’s, digital I/O devices) and integration standards (like OPC); SQL databases integration; and data analysis of the multitude of collected data so meaningful information is generated for enterprise managers.

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